Becoming a Trustee for The Denbigh Workshop

Are you interested in the Arts? Are you passionate about making a difference to the community around you? Do you believe that access to the arts should be available to everyone? Would you like to know more about becoming a trustee for this little charity?

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David Greive our Chair

Run by a professional actor...

“I first met with The Denbigh Workshop at a DVSC sponsored event matching charities with potential trustees. I was immediately impressed with their aims and objectives as I know from personal experience the huge benefits that children, in particular, can gain from getting involved in stagecraft. Any child can benefit from it in terms of confidence-building and inclusion and it can be especially beneficial for children who may otherwise not have the opportunity. The fact that it is run by a professional actor also makes a huge difference, as Tracy really understands all aspects of being on stage, and everything that goes around it. 

As a trustee I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping shape the direction of The Denbigh Workshop, using my own commercial experience, and then even more when I see the successes that it has achieved. There are always new opportunities to go for and I am delighted to be a part of helping The Denbigh Workshop do just that. They have already made huge differences to a number of people's lives in the Denbigh area and I am sure they will carry on doing so.”

Julie H Broster

Exciting times ahead...

“I feel very privileged to have been asked to become a trustee for Denbigh Workshop, such a fantastic charity.

We are very lucky here in Denbighshire to have such talented and experienced actors live in the area, whilst sharing their knowledge and passion with our young people. The confidence given to our future generation from attending the workshops is invaluable.

Exciting times ahead for Denbigh Workshop and I am rather proud to be one of the trustees.”

Jane Jarvis our Secretary

All children are welcomed...

“Becoming a Trustee of Denbigh Workshop has been a privilege. My daughter attends Denbigh Workshop every Saturday morning and has also attended several Summer Schools. I have watched her grow in confidence and witnessed first-hand the boost to her self-esteem as she has achieved her ‘Theatre Milestones’.

Becoming a Trustee of this Charity has been an opportunity to help facilitate an inclusive environment where all children are welcome and given the opportunity to achieve; where friendships are forged and new skills are learned. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?"

Jenny Sandle

A transformative experience

I became aware of the Denbigh Workshop some years ago. After a career in teaching specialising in English and Drama I was well placed to identify the excellence in aims and objectives, good practice, and outstanding results that is Denbigh Workshop.

The Denbigh Workshop is a fully inclusive organisation that builds individual self-confidence, life skills as well as theatre skills through creative performance. The weekly workshops nurture our young talent within our community giving a huge sense of hope and personal achievement.

The Summer School takes students from all backgrounds and it is not understating the matter to say that this time provides a transformative experience for the young people who take part, many of whom have never previously engaged in such activities. Their self-confidence, knowledge, team building and social skills are all developed at Summer School.

Denbigh Workshop also works in schools and in other parts of the community, particularly with girls and young women providing opportunities not presented elsewhere.

When I was invited to become a Trustee of this charitable organisation I felt both honoured and privileged to be able to become involved with a worthwhile, exciting, creative organisation run by professional performers in an inspiring way. I get a great deal of satisfaction from being involved, knowing that I am helping in an organisation that is shaping our future community through the development of creative performance skills.

Ros Lloyd Williams